Sunlite Visor


The Original neoprene visor, since 1983. Assembled in U.S.A.
❱ Light weight
❱ 3mm* thickness
❱ Floats in water
❱ Wicks perspiration away
❱ Keeps long hair off the neck
❱ Soft and safe neoprene brim
❱ Adjustable hook and loop (Velcro style)closure
❱ Available colors: red, blue and black

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*Please note that due to the manufacturing process of neoprene, the material thickness may vary by +/- 5%.



The Sunlite Visor is a great neoprene visor to wear during outdoor activities when you need to create your own shade. It is durable and also has a comfortable fit. The Sunlite neoprene Visor is available in colors of red, blue, purple and black.


Since the Sunlite Visor’s neoprene material is stretchable, it won’t cause tension headaches that other types of visors can create. The neoprene wicks perspiration away from your face on hot days. Its contoured design provides a comfortable fit. The hook and loop (Velcro style)closure on the strap allow you to easily adjust the fit. When adjusted for a tight fit, it can keep long hair off of the back of your neck.


For athletes this is a safe visor to wear in competitive sports. The brim is not stiff and cannot cause harm to your face or head if you run into an obstruction. Other kinds of visors can be unsafe for you to wear due to a stiff brim. In addition, those other types of visors can injure your face, head or forehead if the brim sustains impact from another object.


Take it with you, anywhere you go. The Sunlite Visor is flexible and bendable. So you can roll it up and stick it in your pocket, bag, backpack or purse and it won’t take up much room.


It floats! Yup, that’s right. Don’t worry about wearing it in the pool, river, lake or ocean. This visor will stay afloat and wait for you to retrieve it and put it back on your head, if it comes off. As a result, you won’t have to worry that it might be lost due to sinking to the bottom.

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Black/Black, Blue/Black, Red/Black